Bitumen emulsions

Our company is the first in the region began to produce bitumen emulsions and widely use them on the roads. In 2002, the plant was completed and put into production plant for the production of bitumen emulsions «MFSSENZA» based asphalt plant “Bronnaya Gora” DRSU number 102 in Berezovsky district. The scope of application of this technology are expanding every year. It is important to note that Berezovsky emulsion steady demand from enterprises traffic not only Brest. Therefore, in 2004, it was decided to increase the output of bitumen emulsion and the shop was reconstructed, which increased its output from the 6 th. Tons to 16 thousand. Tons a year. Now the entire surface treatment on a network of local roads is carried out with the use of bitumen emulsions.

Release of bituminous emulsions – one of the most efficient, and scale actions aimed at maintaining operating condition of roads, which requires high production standards, and careful monitoring from the experts. A qualitatively new level arranged surface treatments is to use high-tech equipment and high quality materials. For example, this technique only applies washed gravel. The benefits associated with high-quality work without heating stone and cementitious materials, which saves 40% energy compared with conventional “hot” technologies. Moreover, the presence of water on the surface of the mineral material (gravel) emulsions when applied not only slows the process of forming bonds between the bitumen and the stone material, but also contributes to it. An important advantage is the environmental factor, as when working with emulsions are practically no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This greatly improves the working conditions.