Types of jobs

We carry out road works using modern high technology:

surface treatment pavements settings “Chipsiller-41” and “Ursus 3000”:

The machine «URSUS-3000″
Bunker 7 cubic meters of rubble.
Emulsion tank 10 cubic meters.
Working width of 3.0 m.
Change the width of processing every 250 mm.
Working speed of 4 km / h.
The speed of the move with an empty hopper 60 km / h

“Chipsiller-41” – technological equipment of the company “Sekmer”, mounted on a two-axle semi-trailer chassis and is controlled by a computer system “Placid”, which ensures the accuracy of dosing and control the speed, the width of the distribution of the binder.
Bunker for 10 cubic meters of rubble.
Tanker binder – 6000 liters.
The width of the distribution from 20 cm to 4 meters.
Change working width of 20 cm each.

arrangement of roadside installations “Delta-3F”;
patching of pavement installations “Madpatcher-MP-4.5”, “Typhoon”, “Turbodzhet T-250”;

  • milling asphalt carpets self-propelled cutter SFS-100;
    dedusting unit gravel roadway road by the “sandwich”;
    Arrangement of the carriageway road from the cold gravel-emulsion mixtures;
    unit asphalt pavers high-performance coatings’ BB 651 C “;
    arrange horizontal road marking machine road “Bumblebee-11A”, equipped with a system of repetition road marking «LIS».

Machine “Bumblebee-11A”
We manufacture and sell:

asphalt mixes all types of high-performance asphalt mixing plants DS and DS 18537 185 637;
road cationic bitumen emulsions plant for emulsification brand 4000h2-AA-SR «Massenza”;
gravel-emulsion mixture of all types of mobile mobile plants MX-85 and Delta-100.
We carry out work on the device sidewalks of asphalt concrete paving slabs and small-piece.
We provide transportation services to the population and enterprises.