Demko Sergey Yakovlevich

Reception, telephone, fax: (8-0162) 40-98-44

Supervises the activities of the municipal unitary enterprise to design, maintenance, repair and construction of local roads “Brestobldorstroy.”


of the unified state policy in the field of design, maintenance, repair and construction of local roads and road structures;
the work of subordinate enterprises and branches;
mobilization plans and civil defense;
Production and Technical Council CUE “Brestobldorstroy”;
the organization of the workshops “Day of quality.”
General Director CUE “Brestobldorstroy” cooperates with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, the department “Belavtodor” and the executive and administrative authorities, representing the interests of enterprises in all institutions, organizations, enterprises within the rights established by the owner, concludes contracts, decides staffing issues, issues powers of attorney, opens in banks settlement and other accounts, approve the staffing of the management, issues orders and instructions obligatory for all employees, formulates the main directions of development of the company and quality objectives, allocate resources needed for the operation and development of quality management system.

Interacts with the trade union PMC “Brestobldorstroy”