Gravel-emulsion mixture

Good results are obtained with the device improved coating roadways of gravel-emulsion mixtures (HPP). This cover under the qualitative characteristics are not inferior to costly asphalt concrete. For the production of gravel-emulsion mixtures were purchased 8 mobile mixer high performance MX-85 and Delta-100. Their use in the production of gravel-emulsion mixtures which reduced cushioning and energy costs. In addition, the Association, together with SE “BeldorNII” has conducted extensive work on the introduction of the cold asphalt gravel-emulsion mixtures of HPP-1, which in contrast to the previously used HES-2, is not required to close the surface treatment. This provided decrease in consumption of basic construction materials – gravel and emulsion to 10%.

Installation of “Delta-100” is designed for the preparation of cold bituminous mixtures by: mixing different proportions of inert materials of various types and sizes of sand, gravel, stone (gravel), slag and processed (milled) asphalt surface with a variety of liquid and dry additives.
Loading installation components in the hopper is provided as a loader and conveyor. Fractional lattice to provide a supply hopper only a certain fraction of the material for mixing. Unloading is carried out in a mixture of “dump” through conveyor.
Installation allows continuous production of cold bituminous mixtures.
The unit is mobile and can be transported by any vehicle that provides the necessary traction.

Производительность приготовления битумоминеральных смесей 85-100 т/час
Бункер для материалов общей вместимостью 4 м3
Производительность насосной станции подачи битумной эмульсии, не менее 140 л/мин
Скорость транспортирования до 25 км/час
Дизельный двигатель «Perkins», мощностью 44,7 кВт