We perform work outside the Republic of Belarus

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We perform work outside the Republic of Belarus

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CUE “Brestobldorstroy” is ready to carry on mutually beneficial terms the following types of contract work outside the Republic of Belarus on a contractual basis:

1. The unit of surface treatment on roads with asphalt using bitumen emulsion provided that customers fraction of washed gravel and asphalt for its subsequent processing of the emulsion.

To perform the work has a high-quality imported equipment:

– For the production of fast-setting cationic emulsion of road bitumen “MASSENZA” (capacity 7 tons / hour)

– Machine “Chipsiller-41”, the technological equipment of the company “Sekmer” combines function asphalt distributor and distributor of crushed stone, mounted on the chassis of a two-axle semi-trailer-driven computer system “Placid”, which ensures the accuracy of dosing and control the speed, the width of the distribution of the binder (of 1500 sq m ./chas)

– Motorized rollers with pneumatic tires;

2. Cold recycling of asphalt concrete coatings, ie milling of worn pavement of grinding and mixing until a homogeneous material with a binder (stabilizer), followed by laying in its place. With further compaction of the resulting material formed the new reinforced base, which later serves as a basis for placing hot mix, or protective layers for the device. When adding the bitumen emulsion obtained material can be used for road pavement device IY, Y, YI categories.

To perform the work has a high-performance road car “SATERRILLAR RM-500” of 500 square meters / hour.


In addition, PMC “Brestobldorstroy” produces emulsion-mineral mixtures (EMC) of all types of standalone (can operate without electrical connection) mobile plants MX-85. Coverage of EMC for its quality characteristics is not inferior to asphalt concrete (average density 2.38 – 2.41 g / cc., A compressive strength greater than 1.0 MPa, water absorption of 3 – 5%, the residual porosity of 4-6%).

Provided customers of fractional crushed stone, sand, gravel, asphalt, for subsequent processing into emulsion CUE “Brestoblodrstroy” is ready to hold the base and (or) coating on the roads of EMC IY, Y, YI categories.

These technologies were introduced in the CUE “Brestobldortstroy” and approved by the State Enterprise “BeldorNII.” Experience with bitumen emulsion is more than 14 years.

In 2014, PMC “Brestobldorstroy” taught all professionals, workers and received three certificate of conformity for the functions:

– General contractor (certificate category 1) to the objects of 1-4 class of complexity,

– Construction and installation works (Certificate 1 category) objects 1-4 class of complexity;

– Customer (certificate category 2) objects 1-4 class of complexity.

We will consider all offers!