Surface treatment

Association mastered in 2008 a completely new technology surface treatment device. The main difference from conventional technology is the simultaneous distribution of binder and gravel. This technology brings the union to a new level of performance of works on the device surface treatments and repair of road surfaces. The gap between the distribution of the emulsion and loose gravel is less than 1 second, and in such a short period of time decay emulsion is just beginning and the emulsion liquid fills micropores crumbled rubble and existing coating covers each thin layer of gravel. It is beneficial to the formation of the interface between the emulsion and gravel, which guarantees high performance surface treatment.

These works are carried out following techniques:

Machine «URSUS-3000″, which combines the functions of asphalt distributor, and the distributor of rubble and controlled by a computer system «Siemens». Work material: bitumen emulsion and stone rubble of various fractions.
The power source the engine HATZ 3L 41C – 35.3 kV, 2350 rev / min.
Bunker 7 cubic meters of rubble.
Emulsion tank 10 cubic meters.
Working width of 3.0 m.
Change the width of processing every 250 mm.
Working speed of 4 km / h.
The speed of the move with an empty hopper 60 km / h
The road surface is watered emulsion and gravel poured over it. Quantitative dose emulsion and gravel originally set by the operator, and during operation – is controlled through a computer system, and adjusts the speed of movement of the working composition. The car is towed by truck, which is equipped with heated tank with an emulsion. Rubble is in a bunker, acting simultaneously as a support structure for the whole machine. Download rubble carried out by a conveyor belt. The machine is equipped with air brakes, drawn up in a complex with the braking system of the truck, as well as equipped with a lighting system required for on-road travel.

“Chipsiller-41” – technological equipment of the company “Sekmer” mounted on the chassis of a two-axle semi-trailer and is controlled by a computer system “Placid”, which ensures the accuracy of dosing and control the speed, the width of the distribution of the binder.
Bunker for 10 cubic meters of rubble.
Tanker binder – 6000 liters.
The width of the distribution from 20 cm to 4 meters.
Change working width of 20 cm each.